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Essex to Oxford by Marion Hunter
Publication on Amazon due next month

"Essex to Oxford"

                            by Marion Hunter                              

published on Amazon - Kindle and Premium paperback

Book description: A real life story of a woman of courage and spontaneity - full of adventures - dramatic, traumatic and hilarious all at the same time.
It tells of an only child brought up in the post-war era - a kind upbringing, but well disciplined and rather restrictive - a fight against constant opposition and a brave escape by an anxious young woman from that environment to freedom and independence.
The book is confirmation of the need to seek out true friends.
Opinions, based on personal experiences, are shared - some of them controversal subjects.

Quirky and delightful. A fascinating read ! 
 Liz van Santen (musician and writer)
WoW - a fascinating memoir of courage, adventures,  humour, spontaneity, sport, love and God.
Jean Swales (Writer)
How can somebody be so anxious when they are such a competent person ?
Erica Parker (ex Fleet Street)